History of the Eastern California Museum

The Eastern California Museum is located in the Inyo County, California, the ninth largest county in the United States of which the historical records were accumulated and preserved by the said museum. To our surprise, the museum has one of the largest historic photographs of more than 27, 000 collections of events that happened during the 19th century to the 20th century. In addition to that, the museum provides great resources of historical information of the Inyo County.

They publicize their artifacts and records to reveal what the people of Inyo are like, environment, politics, and culture. Nothing in the museum is not yet observed by the people of the United States. Aside from that, the Eastern Sierra Region has become the most famous tourist spot of the county. If not for this museum, only a few people would have paid attention to this county which is infamous outside the US. One of the artifacts that are kept here is the Manzanan World War II Internment Center.

Inyo Lifestyle photographs include Eastern Sierra Cowboys, Farming and Ranching and so forth. This museum has contributed to educational knowledge on a historical basis for the people of the late generation. Generally, the museum aims to keep the past and the future of the county but this served as a good source of talk of the people who knew nothing about this interesting county. No wonder this museum became the most outstanding museum in California during the 19th century when the Friends of the Eastern California Museum became a part of it.