The Museum Attractions

In a museum, there are many different attractions for visitors to see. Usually, the displays are antique which were discovered by archaeologists. Some of the items were donated by someone. In the Eastern California Museum for example, many of the items were actually willingly donated to let others know some of the history that happened in the past through those antique items. If you drive through Independence in California, you can see the external facade of the building. It looks boring but will greatly surprise every visitor.

When you just look at the external facade of the museum, you will probably think that you will only feel bored when you enter inside. But then, remember the saying that goes “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. There are excellent exhibits inside the museum that attracts many visitors. The exhibits contain Native American cultural items. Handmade baskets from the Paiute and Shoshone Native Americans, arrow heads, and ceremonial dresses also attract many of the visitors. The historical photographs is actually the museum’s highlight.

There are different arts created by the residents that are also displayed in the museum. Other displays include antique wooden freight wagon, antique wagon wheels, barb wires, outdoor implements, ancient equipment, western style homes, books, and many other displays are to be seen within the museum and also some of this are found in the historic equipment yard. Children and adults can visit the museum not only to see what is inside the museum but also to learn the history behind this museum.