The FECM Corporation

The FECM corporation or Friends of the Eastern California Museum was officially organized in 1985. This non-profit public benefit corporation has the Board of Trustees. With regards to the specific purpose of the said corporation, it is “to function for the advancement of education and other charitable purposes”. The corporation particularly work with the Eastern California Museum. The funds collected by the corporation distribute it for the advancement of education and other charitable purposes as the corporation’s specific purpose. The corporation helps the museum in many ways.

It helps in the restoration of historical artifacts and there are also contributions collected which are being used to improve the facilities and exhibits of the museum. The FECM also assist the museum in achieving long-term financial stability. Moreover, they sponsor educational programs that encourage public awareness of the rich and diverse heritage of the Inyo County. The said museum always celebrate its anniversary of preserving the region’s history every year. The corporation has officers including president down to the treasurer as well as Board of Trustees.

For the museum, there are those who donated materials and those materials became the instrument for the establishment of some exhibits such as the permanent Manzanar exhibit. The preservation of the Inyo County’s past for the future is all thanks to the Friends of the Eastern California Museum members. Now, tourists can gain knowledge of the past history and are amazed by the exhibits. Even children who visited the museum were so amazed by looking at the historical artifacts and displays.